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VIDEO: Fishing on Cape Cod Bay

Reagan Haynes, a staff writer for Soundings, recently took a charter fishing trip off Cape Cod in her home state of Massachusetts, wrote about her experience and created a slideshow of images with the new Discover Boating Movie Maker app.

Here is her report:

The first time Windswept Charters owners Bob and Deena Tolley took us fishing out of East Dennisport, Mass., on the Cape Cod Bay, we had a blast.

It was a lot of fun, even if we did get skunked. I loved hearing the fishermen talk on the radios about where they were having luck (apparently nobody was that morning) learning why Bob loved Parker boats and how he wanted to upgrade his 225-hp Yamaha outboard. I learned about hoochies, Sluggos and sea worms.

But on this trip, designed to make sure we caught some fish, I got to recall a crucial part of my childhood.

Click here for the full report with link to Reagan’s slideshow.