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VIDEO: Fortunate survivors

A harrowing tale has come out of Australia, where an overnight fishing trip left a trio of anglers swimming for their lives on Sunday after their 18-foot boat capsized and sank.

News reports say an adult son refused to let go of his 57-year-old father’s lifeless body until rescuers came.

Take a look at this point-of-view video from an air rescue swimmer’s helmet camera as one survivor swims toward him for life.

The men were able to retrieve an EPIRB from the sinking boat and activate it, alerting the Australian Maritime Safety Authority search-and-rescue team.

Queensland Government Air Rescue aircrew officer Daren Parsons said the men were in the water for about two hours and he believed the father had succumbed to the elements about 30 minutes before help arrived.

Crewmen aboard a rescue helicopter winched the survivor, said to be in his 30s, up to the aircraft, where they learned there was another man still to save.

Running low on fuel, rescuers scoured nearby waters before finding the third man clinging to a jerry can about 1,000 feet away, according to a report by The Brisbane Times.