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VIDEO: Fouled prop? Check it out from on deck

Here are a couple of products that give you a second set of eyes — for seeing beneath the surface without getting wet.

AquaLens is an easy-to-use, portable underwater viewing system with live video feed and LED lights. Mount the camera to any boat pole and use it from the deck or dock to watch live video on the LCD, says Dawn Doraz, vice president of marketing for Aquabotix Technology Corp., of Fall River, Mass.

It has a variety of uses — checking the prop, inspecting the anchor or hull bottom, viewing structures.

Click play to watch Doraz demonstrate Aquabotix products.

AquaLens weighs 3 pounds and has a diameter of 5 inches. The camera has 640x480-pixel resolution, and the LCD — worn on the wrist — is 3.5 inches. It requires 8 AA batteries and retails for $475 with 15 feet of cable.

Aquabotix also offers the HydroView, a remotely operated underwater camera that beams live high-def video and still images back to the surface. Controlled with an iPad, iPhone, Android smart phone or laptop, it moves forward at 5 knots and reverse at 1 knot.

HydroView measures 14.6 by 19 by 7 inches and weighs 8 pounds. Retail price is $3,995 with 75 feet of cable.