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VIDEO: Going deep

It’s always good to earn a living doing what you love.

For Brodie Smith, 27, of Texas, it’s as a professional Frisbee thrower.

He’s a three-time national champion in Ultimate Frisbee, and he holds two Guinness World Records and makes precision throws you’d swear are done with trick photography.

You’ve seen him on a Subaru commercial in which he tosses a Frisbee some 100 yards into the trunk of a car.

While on a layover in Australia he turned his attention to a successful toss and catch to a moving powerboat — from a bridge.

Just search for “Brodie Smith” online and you’ll find dozens of videos of his trick shots.

As for the moving boat shot, Smith explains in an outtakes video, “The incredible speedboat catch didn’t take us a thousand tries. We weren’t out there filming for three weeks straight. It took three tries, and actually it was only two because the first try was a test try.”

Nice work if you can get it.