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VIDEO: Going for a knockout

An Australian film crew investigating a herd of beached pregnant sperm whales was interrupted by more than a dozen circling great white sharks, including one particularly big one with an attitude to match.

“It was just awesome. The vibe of the whole place was just really buzzing,” says cinematographer David Riggs in the documentary “Hunt for the Super Predator.”

“Within three or four minutes a big shark came in, really angry. He was swimming around our boat with his head out of the water, physically looking at us. It was really unnerving,” Riggs says.

Then the shark ratcheted up the stakes by ramming and trying to flip the open aluminum boat.

“This animal circled our boat three or four times, dived down to the sea floor, which was only 20 feet down, turned around and powered up straight into us,” Riggs says as the film crew captures the violent collision and the unnerved crew on board. “It was absolutely terrifying, to be honest. This thing was trying to get us physically in the water.”

After the shark made a couple more runs at them, the film crew cut their anchor line and ran for shore.