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VIDEO: Hammer time

The latest viral video offers a point of view that no one wants — an ocean kayaker frantically fending off a super-aggressive hammerhead shark intent on ramming and biting his small boat.

This fish just doesn’t take no for a hint.

Mark McCracken, 33, was fishing a half-mile off Santa Barbara, Calif., at Gaviota State Beach on Saturday when the shark started circling him. As you can see, despite repeated jabs from his oar, the hammerhead did not back down and continued to circle him for the next 15 minutes, according to a report by Fox 5 San Diego News.

"I had to hit him over 20 times before he finally gave me some space, but still stalked me for a half mile all the way back to shore," McCracken posted. "Even after I was on shore he paced back and forth in about 3 feet of water like he was just waiting for me to come back out. Pretty bizarre and crazy experience, to say the least."