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VIDEO: Hard lesson

Transiting any inlet can quickly go from routine to red alert when something goes wrong.

A trio of Irish sailors were motoring into the busy port of Dublin on the afternoon of March 25 when their engine conked out. They hurriedly dropped their anchor, but not before the 31-foot boat drifted against the South Bull Wall stone jetty.

Two people clambered ashore and the third remained aboard as a pilot boat and other passing vessels stood by to assist. As the fiberglass hull took a battering, a Dun Laoghaire RNLI lifeboat crewmember was put on board the boat to assist and cut the anchor before the vessel was towed to safety.

“That area’s not accessible by road, so the helicopter was there as a precaution in case it was needed,” a source familiar with the incident told the Irish newspaper The Journal. “There was quite a heavy swell in the area, and it was being battered against the rocks.”

Although a hull break seemed imminent, the boat reportedly had only superficial damage.