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VIDEO: 'He's going to jump in the boat!'

Anglers casting lines from a small center console off Huntington Beach, Calif., had to high-tail it away from their spot when a hungry mako shark went airborne.

“Get out of here — go!” a startled angler yells to his wheelman as what looks like a 12-foot or larger mako repeatedly launches like a missile out of the water in a fast-paced feeding frenzy.

“Go where?” asks the younger helmsman, who seems more amused by the aerial show than rightfully concerned.

We weren’t able to learn more about the recent incident, but it clearly was a good idea to cut bait and run.

The frantic patter of the captain says it all:

“Get out of here — go! Get! Get! Get!”

“Get away from the fish!”

“Go, Rick, go, he’s going to jump in the boat!”