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VIDEO: High-octane thrill ride

Count hard-core wakeboarders among the bungee jumpers, cliff divers and any number of extreme-sports junkies who live to do things the rest of us would never dream of attempting.

Jorge Gill, 19, is a professional wakeboarder from England with a bunch of trophies to his name.

For something completely different, he recently wakeboarded through a canal while being towed by a high-octane Ferrari F50 on a parallel road at 84 mph.

This one you have to see to believe.

"The idea clicked, combining a supercar with wakeboarding seemed very unique to me,” he told Britain’s Mirror newspaper. "It is dangerous, but you have to forget about the dangerous side until afterwards. When we did it at full speed it was fine. It went perfectly."

Not surprisingly, local police may investigate the stunt because the speed limit on the two-lane road is 60 mph.