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VIDEO: Holding sway

It didn’t make much news in the United States last week, but a churning low-pressure system dubbed Storm Rachel battered the United Kingdom.

The Atlantic storm swept across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland with rain and high winds topping 100 mph, causing power failures, floods and travel delays.

Out in the no-man’s land of the North Sea, an offshore oil rig worker captured amazing video that reveals the ferocity of the storm.

The video shows huge waves crashing against the swaying Borgholm Dolphin platform about 145 miles east of Aberdeen, Scotland. For perspective, the platform measures 356 by 201 feet and weighs almost 15,000 gross tons.

James Eaton, an offshore worker on the nearby Lomond Platform, captured the footage, which was posted by BBC News.

“We get a lot of storms this time of year, but never really have a vessel or a flotel near us to see how bad it is, so it's a bit unusual,” Eaton told Britain’s MailOnline in an email.