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VIDEO: How did he get there?

While on a late-August exercise, volunteers from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution spotted a dog stranded at the base of some of England's highest sea cliffs, just below Foreland Lighthouse in Dover.

The RNLI crew eased its inflatable to the cliff, and two men climbed onto the rocks and retrieved the springer spaniel.

Sprigg, who had been missing for more than a week, was soon reunited with his delighted owner. He was in good health, though hungry and thirsty, The Telegraph newspaper reported.

How the dog ended up on the cliff remains a mystery.

The RNLI, a volunteer rescue organization funded by donations, has lately been busy. Another crew recently came to the aid of a man who was swimming in the path of a 4,000-ton cargo ship.

Volunteers from Blyth RNLI were called out to help the man, who is believed to have been drunk, after he was spotted in the water close to the cargo vessel Karla C.

When they arrived, the man told them he was swimming in the river because it was “cheaper” to swim there than at his local pool, according to The Chronicle newspaper.