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VIDEO: ‘I could have killed those who I love the deepest’

During the summer of 2009, Sprague Theobald, an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker and professional sailor, wanted to observe firsthand the changes to the Arctic that he attributed to global warming.

The result, a newly released documentary about his expedition, features a firsthand look at navigating a Nordhavn trawler through water choked with ice.

Click play to watch a trailer on the documentary. Mobile users can also click here.

Filled with danger in the form of ice, polar bears and an unearthly and haunting landscape littered with artifacts from the tragic Franklin Expedition of 1845, “The Northwest Passage” and a companion hardcover book titled “The Other Side of the Ice: One Man's Treacherous Journey Negotiating the Northwest Passage” offer a rare look at a unique cruising ground.

Theobald returned with 300 hours of HD video and a production deal in place with CBS.