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VIDEO: Impact felt across the Pacific

The destructive power and reach of the series of tsunamis spawned by the massive Japanese earthquake have left viewers around the globe dumbfounded, shocked and saddened.

Swift, rising waters in harbors in Hawaii, Oregon and California remind us of just how interconnected all of us are. And the horrific scenes from Northern Japan are a powerful example of the immense power of moving water.

In Japan, the small town of Miyako was overwhelmed as boats and cars were tossed amid a surging sea.

Click play to watch footage from ABC News of a 'wall of water' overtaking the Japanese town. Mobile users can click here.

A Nordhavn tried to enter Dana Point (Calif.) Harbor and found itself battling the strong currents as it tried to avoid colliding with nearby boats and a sea wall.

Click play to watch the close call. Mobile users can click here.

Cleanup continues across the West Coast as damage from the Pacific tsunami tossed and upturned boats along the coastline in California and Oregon.

At least 48 vessels sustained damage and were afloat in a harbor Sunday in Crescent City, Calif. Officials confirmed 11 sunken vessels in the harbor and another boat grounded at the mouth of the Elk River, 75 miles south of Crescent City.

Debris from the harbor - including buoys, chunks of dock, wood pilings and trash from sunken boats - remains scattered around the harbor and the nearby shoreline, including Pebble and South beaches, the Contra Costa Times reported.

Click here to watch watch video from the local NBC affiliate.

Click here for a New York Times graphic detailing how shifting plates caused the earthquake in Japan.