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VIDEO: In high style

Devin Graham is a 31-year-old with a passion for extreme stunts.

“Ever since I was a little kid I was borrowing my parents’ cameras to get the shot that no one else could. ... That resulted with several cameras busted. ... I have continued this passion ever since!” he explains on his website

Among his more recent work is this video clip he filmed of some amazing athletes water skiing — while pulled by an airplane!

The best footage of a plane pulling a skier is in the first 90 seconds, but check out the epic plane jump near the 2:45 mark.

Graham’s planning another stunt soon.

“On June 21st we’re celebrating the longest day of the year by transforming the streets of San Francisco into a giant Slip & Slide for something we call urban surfing. The first 100 people to respond get exclusive access to join me and Team Super Tramp to tear it up on an insane city-block-long run built for everything from boarding to water wings.”

Check his website to follow this and other DevinSupertramp exploits.