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VIDEO: Intentional grounding

Video of a 26,000-gross-ton ferry “beaching” has flooded the Web in recent days, but the grounding was intentional and actually happened Nov. 13.

This is standard procedure when the Turkish yard Aliaga Ship scraps a vessel, as you can see from this gallery, as well as the results of a YouTube search for “Aliaga beachings.”

The 556-foot Ostend Spirit was built in Germany in 1987 and operated as the Pride of Calais from 1987 to 2012 between Great Britain and mainland Europe.

Financial troubles at the ship’s most recent owner, Transeuropa, led to the decision to sell the ship for scrap.

Posters on a British history online forum say the Ostend was beached at full throttle (19 knots) and has since been broken up.

Regardless, the captain and crew who were tasked with this unusual procedure displayed impressive maneuvering, threading the needle between two other ships.

Perhaps they might have even enjoyed the ride.

— Rich Armstrong