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VIDEO: Is that a 007 clip or drag-boat race?

Drag-boat racers live for speed. But what happens when the boat has no interest in slowing down at the end of the race?

One drag racer found out the hard way during a run on Ming Lake in Bakersfield, Calif.

Captured on video, the spectacular segment made it to national television on the Discovery Channel’s appropriately named show, “Destroyed in Seconds.”

Click play to watch video of the crash.

Ming Lake is known for its tight racing space. “Very short shutdown area. You are almost guaranteed to see a boat on the beach at the far end,” reads a description on the National Jet Boat Association website.

In this case, the boat, traveling well over 100 mph, launched over the beach. Although the TV show doesn’t specify the incident, it appears to be from a 2006 race, according to a report by

Amazingly, the driver was able to eject at the last second, escaping major injury.

A mechanical malfunction is suspected as the cause of the crash.