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VIDEO: Kayaking with a kite

Dan Tracy is a Seattle-based entrepreneur with a passion for clean energy innovation. He recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for an invention that allows kayakers to harness the wind as a source of propulsion.

His RX Controller is a spool for line that can be fastened to the bow of a kayak to unfurl and retract a kite to catch the wind.

Tracy says his RX Controller works best with 6- to 13-foot foil kites in 10- to 20- knot winds. Take a look at Tracy demonstrating his prototype.

As of Oct. 23, Tracy’s Kickstarter campaign had generated $608 in pledges, surpassing his modest goal of $299.

Tracy has successfully launched a few products on Kickstarter. He runs Pacific Sky Power LLC with a focus on clean energy innovation.