VIDEO: Labrador retrieval


Fed up with winter? Many in the Northeast and Great Lakes regions of the United States have had enough of record-setting snowfall and low temperatures, but the Coast Guard has offered up a video to warm the coldest heart.

Guardsmen last week rescued a Labrador retriever from the freezing waters of Betsie Bay near the Frankfort Shipping Channel in Michigan.

Coast Guard officials in Frankfort were attending a meeting when one of them saw the dog go into the bay. The crew quickly ran to the water.

"I just kind of gave him a big old hug and they pulled me back and I just held onto him until I got back to land," said Petty Officer Tim Putnam, who swam about 200 feet out from the shore in ice rescue gear and shoved loose sheets of ice out of his way to reach the dog. His crew helped pull both of them safely to shore.