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VIDEO: Left behind as 'bait'

A young couple from Arizona celebrating their first wedding anniversary with a vacation in Thailand were left behind in the water when the skipper of their dive boat headed for shore.

Apparently, the boat had developed an engine problem.

"When we were bobbing, I knew there were sharks. I saw them all around this reef and here I am just bait on the top," Lexa Mendenhall told KTVK 3 News, their local TV station.

The Mendenhalls were stranded with two dive instructors and another couple.

"I kept thinking, What if there's no boat? It's evening. What boat goes out in the evening?" Lexa Mendenhall recalls.

They spent 30 to 45 minutes in the water before being rescued by a boat carrying snorkelers.

When they found out the skipper had engine trouble and chose to leave them all in the water, Jake Mendenhall said, “The fact that he left is just insane.”