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VIDEO: Lobster trap has jaws

Viral videos are everywhere, but this one delivered something totally new to us and put smiles on our faces.

Alex Schulze is a young entrepreneur and a lover of boats and dogs.

One day while out freediving on his center console with his dogs — Lila, a black lab, and a chocolate lab named Maverick — he decided to try to get Lila to catch a live lobster.

“Sure enough she caught a lobster on her first try, and the rest was history,” Schulze wrote in his video posting.

They sure don’t do it this way in Down East Maine.

Schulze’s company is Devocean Jewelry, and it makes maritime-themed necklaces, bracelets and rings. The company uses its merchandise as a platform for the founders’ respect for the ocean and commitment to protecting it.

Through their involvement, lifelong Floridians Schulze and business partner Andrew Cooper have seen a steady decline in ocean life over the years.

“From factors such as overfishing and pollution, shark and sea turtle populations are at an all-time low. Devocean Jewelry has been an amazing opportunity for Andrew and Alex to give back,” they say on their website.

The business said it donates 20 percent of the net profits from necklaces to sea turtle rescue and ocean conservation programs.