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VIDEO: Mako strafes diver

Diver and shark expert Jim Abernethy was filming a blue marlin that Guy Harvey — the conservationist and marine artist — had hooked on a recent expedition in the Bahamas when he was jolted by a mako shark estimated to be 10 feet and 600 pounds as it shot through the camera frame.

“We think the shark was targeting Jim, but realized at the last minute he was not something to eat,” team member George Schellenger, a film producer for the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, told Soundings. “You can see the shark turn his head a little to take a last look at Jim, and then he was gone.”

Click play to watch the footage.

Abernethy immediately starts shouting amid a burst of air bubbles and heads to the surface.

“It’s funny because, before the dive, Jim, who has spent more time in the water with large predatory animals without a cage than just about anyone, had said that he’d never seen a mako in the wild,” Schellenger says. “When he came up, he said, ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ ”

Harvey, of course, released the marlin.

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