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VIDEO: No boat, no business

A Hawaii woman says the man who stole her family’s 47-foot charter sailboat not only devastated their memories but he also took their livelihood when he ran aground.

The man allegedly broke into the boat, brought his guitar and luggage aboard, and asked a fisherman for help leaving the slip before he grounded a few miles north of the marina. Co-owner Laura Mascari told the Honolulu Star Advocate that authorities quickly realized the man who was rescued from their sailboat had no sailing experience, knew nothing about the boat and likely stole it. He was arrested at the scene.

Mascari says the thief took more than just a boat, which was deemed a total loss. He took the family’s cherished memories and their livelihood. Mascari and her husband, Leonard, raised their daughter on Corsaire, which they’ve owned since 1980. It was designed by William Gardner and built in Taiwan.

The family sailed it four years ago from Newport Beach, Calif., to Kona, Hawaii, where they launched a charter business in 2012. The business had just begun to take off, and the couple was forced to cancel trips and issue refunds.

“He’s taken our livelihood,” Mascari said. “We’re not going to buy another yacht. We’re just so devastated. Our life is going to take a different turn after this.”