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VIDEO: No pods? No problem

Pod drives and joystick controls certainly make boat handling easier, but there are still some skippers who prefer to maneuver the old-fashioned way, with a pair of shift levers and the skill that comes from years of experience.

In this video, the operator deftly moves the sportfishing boat, perhaps a 40- to 45-footer, between two rows of boats and gently rests her port side against a pier. The videographer, realizing the skipper's skills, says, "Unbelievable. How easy did he make that look?"

Click play to view the docking.

It appears he had the use of thrusters, but it's still an impressive bit of maneuvering in tight quarters.

A comment on the YouTube channel where the video is posted says: "Working four throttles and two pitches at once takes years of practice. Thrusters do help a lot. However, learning to use them with your mains is an art form."