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VIDEO: North Pacific Yachts runs tests with Google Glass

Vancouver-based North Pacific Yachts, an international yacht manufacturer, is exploring an entirely new way to integrate wearable tech into the boater’s suite of onboard electronics.

Working with New Haven, Conn.-based agency of record Gem Advertising, North Pacific was given the opportunity to use Google Glass to showcase how the next generation of technology will affect a captain’s ability to check engine information, electronics and navigation while underway.

Seen through a YouTube video, North Pacific and Gem demonstrate just a few of the possibilities of enhancement afforded by Google’s new wearable device.

“Boating publications love to talk about new electronics coming into the helm of today’s vessels,” Gem Advertising chief strategy officer Peter Kozodoy said in a statement. “But no one has yet to reach the promised land, where technology can leave the helm and travel with the captain wherever s/he goes.”

The new field of technology will allow captains unprecedented freedom as they gain the ability to pilot from anywhere on the vessel, checking an engine’s operational efficiency while making a sandwich in the galley, Kozodoy said.