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VIDEO: Nowhere to hide

A Canadian man drove his family eight hours to Prince Rupert in British Columbia in the hope that he could show his children the majesty of whales in their habitat.

The trouble is, it’s not whale-watching season in the Pacific Northwest. “You won’t see anything,” local charter captains told him.

When they persuaded a captain to take them out March 19, they saw plenty, some of which they might wish they had missed.

They came across a disturbance on the water caused by a colony of frantic sea lions that sought the space beneath the boat as refuge from a pod of killer whales hungrily trailing them.

“[The sea lions] were sitting right there. They were watching, just hiding by us,” Travis Twizell told GrindTV Outdoor. “We started moving a bit, and the whales went nuts.”

He said the sea lions rushed toward the boat and started going from side to side, trying to hide from the whales.

“It was a little nerve-racking. We were not sure if the sea lions were going to jump into the boat because the killer whales followed them over,” Twizell told The Global News. “You could see the three big whales backed off, and the two small orcas started to hit against it and take it down. You could tell at that point it was a total hunting training exercise for those babies.”

A word of warning: There are some mild expletives uttered by the sightseers, but the carnage is primarily off-camera.