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VIDEO: 'Off we go, surfing!'

The Clipper Round the World Race is unique in that all aboard but the captain are amateur sailors, so no previous experience is required to sail 40,000 nautical miles around the globe.

Most participants join a crew for one or two legs aboard identical 70-foot ocean racing yachts that are now competing in the biennial event that sailing legend Sir Robin Knox-Johnston founded.

Leg 2 out of Rio de Janeiro got off to a rough start in winds of 30 to 40 knots with 50-knot gusts.

Take a look at the action among the fleet.

The team Mission Performance reported its top speed of the race so far as 23.4 knots.

“We had Khaleesi up [the heavyweight spinnaker], and there had been a number of rollers following us,” skipper Greg Miller said. “Anyway, the stern and I seem to keep going up and the bow goes down even more, then the acceleration begins as weight and gravity take over and off we go, surfing! I can’t imagine that standing on a 6-foot board and doing the same is as exhilarating?!”

You can live view the race positions here.