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VIDEO: Oh, the humanity!

A boat sinking after a collision is hardly a laughing matter … except in this case.

We found this video, which captures a Marblehead Class yacht — a radio-controlled model sailboat — headed for Davy Jones’ locker in Athens, Greece.

Clearly, RC regattas are not all fun and games, as the fateful collision leads to low drama on the low seas.

But in a twist, the RC rescue boat needs to be rescued, as well. And that’s not the end of the drama!

The man behind the video, an RC enthusiast who goes by the name Cataman Kosmas, has plenty of fun with the carnage, adding dramatic music and subtitles to the video.

You’ll have to watch until the end to find out how it all turns out, but Kosmas says he has the “first Web TV about RC boating.”