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VIDEO: On the second try

Dramatic video shows a Coast Guard helicopter crew rescuing commercial fishermen from their 76-foot scalloper after it ran aground off New York’s Rockaway Beach on Feb. 25.

The helo rescue came after a Coast Guard boat was sent to the Carolina Queen III. With storm-swept waves topping 12 feet, the 25-foot rescue vessel capsized, and its crew swam to shore.

In the video, the helicopter crew can be heard communicating with one another as they maneuver to get a rescue basket to the fishing boat and transfer the fishermen one by one to the nearby beach.

No injuries or medical concerns were reported.

Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound Command Center reported that the scalloper ran aground and began taking on water. The capsized Coast Guard boat drifted to shore and was secured, according to a report by NBC 4 News.

Salvage plans were under way for the Carolina Queen III.