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VIDEO: On the water with Maverick Boat Co.

I had a chance check out several center consoles during Maverick Boat Co.’s recent press outing on the east coast of Florida.

With four different brands, Maverick offers a wide range boats for different uses and budgets. There are 19 models from 16 to 29 feet among the four brands: Maverick, Hewes, Cobia and Pathfinder.

“We are a multiniche builder,” Maverick president and CEO Scott Deal told me during the event. “We build in the flats boats market with the Maverick, which is a more technical market. We are in the bay boat market with the Pathfinder, which is an expansive segment that depends on where you live and how you fish. We have the Hewes, which is sort of a generalist flats boat, and, of course, we build in the center console family-fishing market with the Cobia brand. They all have their own story to tell and operate in their own way.”

Four of the nine test boats at the press event were new: Pathfinder’s 2200 Tournament Edition and 2600 HPS Bay Crusher, Maverick’s 17 HPX VII and Cobia’s 201 CC. The Pathfinder 2600 and Maverick 17 debuted at the Miami International Boat Show earlier this year. The Pathfinder 2200 TE and Cobia 201 CC were unveiled at a dealer meeting that preceded the press event.

Click play for video of the event.

Fort Pierce, Fla.- based Maverick acquired Cobia in 2005 and has since revamped the entire fleet. The 201 CC retails for just under $40,000 with a Yamaha F150.

“It’s a really high-sided boat, so it’s very safe on board,” said MBC director of marketing Charlie Johnson. “There’s tons of storage and lots of walkaround room. You have excellent access to all parts of the boat. It’s just a great little all-around boat that makes a ton of sense for the family fisherman.”

Although the Cobia is new from the keel up, the Pathfinder 2200 TE uses the same hull as an existing model — the 22 TRS — but has a redesigned deck. It's $55,520 with a Yamaha F200.

The 2600 Bay Crusher does the job as both an inshore and offshore boat. It’s $73,875 with a Yamaha F250.

Pricing for the Maverick 17 HPX VII, a high-end carbon fiber/Kevlar skiff, was unavailable.

The media event was held June 24-26 at the Hutchinson Island Marriott Beach Resort & Marina in Stuart, Fla.

I was able to fish from three of the test boats: the Pathfinder 2200 TE, Cobia 296 CC and Cobia 256 CC. And from the Cobia 256, I landed a fish — a small Cobia, coincidentally.