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VIDEO: Out of control

The video clip here says so much about how not to run a boat and how bad things happen to operators who push things too far.

The setting appears to be a lake, with a fast-running bass boat crossing the wake of the boat from which the filming is taking place. It all happened so fast.

Click play to watch.

Watching the video, Chris Fertig, a small-boat expert and former Coast Guardsman, could see what was coming.

“The driver had his outboard engine trimmed up very high for maximum speed before entering the boat’s wake system, to the point where his boat was chine walking slightly before it encountered the first set of wakes,” Fertig says.

“The shallow angle the driver chose when crossing the first wake set, combined with his speed and trim angle and the fact that the boat was already chine walking before entering the first wake set, caused the boat to begin to porpoise and increase its chine walk.”

The boat hops the first wake, and the driver starts to lose control. When the boat hits the second wake, it launches out of the water. The outboard digs into the water and the boat spins before landing hard and stopping abruptly, ejecting the driver.

“Even though he was chine walking and porpoising, the driver failed to reduce speed between wakes,” Fertig says.

“I really thought he was going over backwards,” says a man in the video.

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