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VIDEO: Out of control

Accidents at marinas, or any place with a lot of boats in tight spaces, are commonplace, but most of them aren’t like this one.

We found a clip from Australia that takes calamity to a new level. According to the few comments we could find, there was plenty of boat damage, but no one was injured.

There is no audio in this security camera footage, but helpful commentary was added.

Scarborough Marina, which posted the video, said the incident occurred when the powerboat's throttle jammed on and it took off. Four other boats were damaged and the runaway boat was a total loss.

“The guys in front of [the] runaway boat was my family,” reads a comment by a man who identified himself as Tony Roffey. “Someone was looking after us that day, as the wife, three girls (you can see the little ones running underneath [the] boat as it flips over us) were not hurt and our boat was amazingly undamaged.”