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VIDEO: Outboard overboard

This video starts innocuously enough: Two young men working on a rescue boat leave an offshore oil-drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

However, a typical day at the office turns out to be anything but that.

The total video is 1:55, but you can skip ahead to about 1:20 for the good stuff. Be warned of a mild (and completely understandable) expletive at the 1:35 mark.

The person at the tiller is Robbie Jennewine, who works for All Coast, which owns and operates the largest fleet of liftboats for the offshore oil and gas market in the Gulf of Mexico.

“This rescue boat was new. The motor was from our old inflatable one that was replaced during our off hitch. The other crew didn't secure or test it,” Jennewine explains in his video posting. “The motor was retrieved because it floated long enough for us to paddle to it. Once back to the liftboat, we were able to get it started up again.”