VIDEO: Pack 'your survival instincts'


The Adventurists is a group of British young men “dedicated to making adventure travel less safe and less boring.”

Beyond the seemingly reckless escapades they film — a two-week run across India in a rickshaw, racing horses across Mongolia, racing motorcycles with sidecars along the frozen rivers of Siberia — the group raises money for charity, $7.75 million and counting.

In “Adventure 9: The Ocean is Calling You,” the crew takes on the Indian Ocean in a dugout canoe powered by a bedsheet.

“Here at The Adventurists we believe there is still adventure to be found in the world. We just need to go try that little bit harder to find it,” said the troupe founded by adventure addict Tom Morgan. “Let's cut new edges into our maps, break our GPS and set forth into the world to find out what happens.”