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VIDEO: Practice makes perfect

The Coast Guard’s reputation for fast, efficient, safe rescues is not earned without a lot of hard work behind the scenes.

The Coast Guard, San Diego Lifeguards and other emergency response agencies last week participated in a mass rescue exercise near San Diego’s Mission Bay. It was designed to assess the agencies’ ability to work together responding to a major incident with a large number of injured people in the water.

The scenario: a collision between a charter vessel and a panga that caused both to sink and critically injured several people. Response agencies worked together to rescue nearly 40 people from the water and treat their simulated injuries.

“This exercise is a valuable way to build relationships with our partner emergency responders and test our ability to effectively respond to a mass rescue incident like this when one happens for real,” said Lt. Van Vu, a Coast Guard Sector San Diego contingency planner.



Practice Makes Perfect

A deep low-pressure system off the West Coast this week delivered the perfect gnarly waves for the U.S. Coast Guard in San Francisco, California, to train crews aboard its 47-foot Motor Lifeboat.