VIDEO: Pursuit of perfection


The upcoming Miami International Boat Show and Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami Beach offer an opportunity to see hundreds of new boats. A sea of gleaming gelcoats, brightwork and picture-perfect interior accommodations awaits.

But you won’t be able to see the innards of these boats — the strands of fiberglass, the resins and epoxies, the core materials.

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This video takes you inside the Pursuit Boats plant in Fort Pierce, Fla., for a glimpse of how these boats are built. Owned by S2 Yachts, Pursuit made a big splash recently with its new SC 365i Sport Coupe. Marketing director David Glenn gave me a tour of the plant the day before Pursuit introduced the SC 365i.

See construction methods such as resin infusion, watch sophisticated machinery cut fiberglass fabrics and learn about how the company tests its electrical systems.

Boatbuilding has certainly evolved, but in some areas the tried and true remains. For instance, Pursuit uses marine-grade plywood to core its transoms — a stiff and strong material for a high-stress area.