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VIDEO: Raceboat merges art and engineering

Oracle Team USA, a two-time winner of the America’s Cup, debuted 17, its yacht for the upcoming race, during a ceremony in mid-February at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda, where the team is based.

From May 26 to June 27, five teams will compete in the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda, using 50-foot hydrofoiling America’s Cup Class catamarans known as the AC50.

Forbes reports that the designers of the latest Oracle Team USA boat worked with engineers from Airbus to apply aerodynamics, special materials and structured load calculations similar to those for the wings and wing tips of commercial aircraft.

With the hydrofoils, as the yacht gains speed it lifts the hull out of the water, essentially “flying” and achieving greater speeds.USA Today reports that 17 can reach 60 mph.

This video from Global Futurist has more about the boat:

Want to know more? See Soundings’ May 2017 issue, which will feature a report on the America’s Cup.