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VIDEO: Radical ride

Chances are you’ve never seen a boat like this.

A 26-foot prototype catamaran has a hydraulic suspension system that separates the hulls from the superstructure, allowing them to react to waves and conform to the water surface without transmitting forces to the deck and superstructure.

Known as 2Play, the cutting-edge cat was designed and built by Nauti-Craft, a small research and development company in Western Australia.

The design aims to provide increased ride comfort, control and stability in stationary positions and at speed, allowing a smaller vessel to provide the seakeeping found in larger boats, according to the company.

The boat was designed with commercial purposes in mind — specifically, shuttling crew to and from offshore wind turbines and oil platforms. The suspension system, combined with a Deck Attitude Control System that actively adjusts and maintains the vertical attitude of the deck, helps make crew transfers more manageable in rough seas, according to the company.

2Play is set to debut June 10-12 at Seawork International, a commercial marine and workboat exhibition in Southampton, England.