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VIDEO: Raging bull

This video has kicked around the Web for a number of years and has recently resurfaced with a new posting. If you haven’t seen it before, or even if you have, it’s worth a minute of your time.

The footage is undated and circumstances that caused the boat carnage are unclear, but an out-of-control tug causes some serious damage at the docks.

Psalm 1, a 121-foot, 350-ton Malaysian-flagged anchor handling tug is seen approaching a bulkhead when a passerby notices the vessel is not slowing down … or veering off its dead-ahead course to T-bone the concrete bulkhead.

Amid shouts from shore, the ship crashes into the bulkhead, then while still under power is turned to starboard where it plows ahead to smash into the sterns of two more ships before finally coming to a stop.

Was it a mechanical malfunction, incompetence or did something happen to the captain? We were not able to get an answer, but there was likely an impressive insurance claim.