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VIDEO: Raising a 'monster'

A wooden figurehead more than 500 years old, carved in the shape of a sea monster, was recently raised from Swedish seas for the first time since the Danish warship went to the bottom.

Gribshunden, or "Griffin-Hound,” caught fire and sank in 1495.

Take a look at this report by IB Times in the United Kingdom.

"Last time it looked at the world, Leonardo da Vinci and Christopher Columbus were still living,” Johan Ronnby, professor of marine archaeology at Sodertorn University, told Reuters. "It's a monster. It's a sea monster and we have to discuss what kind of animal it is. I think it's some kind of fantasy animal — a dragon with lion ears and crocodile-like mouth.”

Divers discovered the wreck in the 1970s, but it wasn't until 2013, when scientists analyzed the tree rings from the ship's timbers, that researchers could identify the ship, according to