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VIDEO: Rest in pieces

It appears there won’t be a graceful exit for what was an elegant 70-foot steel-hulled motoryacht.

The captain of the yacht, named Angelique, told the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that his boat was anchored just south of Marina del Rey harbor when he awoke around 4:30 a.m. Feb. 27 to his anchor dragging.

“His attempts to start the vessel’s engines were unsuccessful, and before responding rescue units could arrive, his vessel went aground in heavy seas,” authorities told the local media.

Lifeguards and sheriff’s deputies helped three people and three dogs off the yacht without injury. Trouble is, authorities have been unable to contact the owner since then.

“His insurance had lapsed on the boat, so we really don’t expect to hear from him,” Sgt. Mike Carriles told The Argonaut newspaper.

So Angelique sits.

Vandals have emblazoned her hull and someone with a camera-equipped drone filmed several flyovers, slapped on a soundtrack — the theme to “Gilligan’s Island” — and posted it to YouTube.

As of March 19, Angelique hadn’t budged, and it was increasingly likely that local taxpayers would be footing the bill to have her removed.