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VIDEO: Revolution on the water

The Monaco Yacht Show is known for magnificent vessels set amid immaculate scenery, but a different breed of boat was introduced this year.

“HY-X: The Prototype of a Revolution” reads the bold statement on the Web site of Swiss manufacturer Hydros Innovations.

The HY-X, the company says, is the world’s first hybrid-powered hydrofoil boat. The company brought a half-scale prototype (20 feet, 6 inches) of the HY-X to the show for demonstration.

Thanks to its retractable foils, the hybrid powerboat is comfortable in a variety of conditions, either at low speed on its carbon epoxy hull or flying three feet above water.

Fuel consumption was reduced by 30 percent when the boat was foiling, according to Hydros. Powered by twin 35-hp engines, it can cruise at 30 knots with its foils down or 45 knots while “flying.”