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VIDEO: Roiled seas, calm seamen

Its engine had failed, and the 38-foot sailboat Golden Morn was dead in the water in rough seas and 13-foot swells about 19 miles off England’s Lizard Point.

A Royal National Lifeboat Institution crew launched just after midday on Nov. 5 to save the day.

Once they were alongside, the lifeboat crew passed the sailor a towline, but because of the conditions it took more than three hours to tow the yacht into Falmouth harbor.

Unlike the U.S. Coast Guard, the RNLI is mostly volunteers, although they go through rigorous training to prepare for saving lives under dicey sea conditions.

The lifeboat crew consisted of coxswain Andrew Putt, volunteer mechanic Nick Tattersall, volunteer deputy second coxswain Darren Thirlaway and volunteer crewmembers Simon Fayers, Brett Jose, Sam James and Neil Bundy.

More information about The Lizard lifeboat station is available by visiting its website,