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VIDEO: Scalawag aboard

Shetland, an archipelago off the northeast shore of Scotland, boasts the highest density of otters in Europe.

This video shows the moment a brazen otter steals and struggles off with a 10-pound salmon from a commercial fishing boat.

Despite weighing at least as much as the salmon, the hungry mammal struggles to carry the fish off the boat and across a pier to make its heist complete.

Skipper David Lowe documented the burglary. He said that at first the otter looked as if it were going to jump overboard holding the fish, but decided to use the boat’s stairs to get to the pier rather than go back into the water.

“He dragged [the fish] up the steps because he didn't want to go into the water with it,” Lowe told The Daily Mail. “I think maybe there was a seal in the harbor.”