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VIDEO: Shark vs. shark

A diver off South Australia has filmed a rare scene: two great white sharks going jaw to jaw. Call it a food fight at the top of the food chain.

“It’s absolutely insane — I woke up this morning and the video had over a million hits,” Adam Malski, 33, told the Camden-Narellan Advertiser.

“I had literally just come up from my [82-foot] dive and dried off and grabbed my camera. I said to the dive master, ‘What would happen if a smaller shark got in the way of a bigger one?’ They said they had never seen it before, and literally within about six seconds, it happened,” Malski is quoted in a report by

The larger shark was estimated to be 20 feet long; the smaller one was about half that size.

Malski said he isn’t sure whether the larger shark’s intended target was the other shark or the bait they were trailing to attract the predators. The larger shark survived; the smaller one had not been seen since.

Barcroft TV uploaded the footage to YouTube.