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VIDEO: ‘Sharks’ that fly

We found this promotional video online and had to share it because it looks like a really cool product.

Air Swimmers are essentially helium-filled, remote-control fish blimps with small fans to control vertical movement and a tail fin that acts as a rudder for horizontal control.

They were designed and invented by Blake English, who, as a college student, was mesmerized by the sharks in an aquarium tank.

As a final project for his product design major at Stanford University, English built a 4-foot-long inflated shark that propelled itself through the air by swishing its tail. He dubbed it an Air Swimmer.

Although he was studying to eventually build military drones, his prototype became the model for one of the most popular products made by Claremont, Calif., toymaker William Mark Corp. The company has sold more than a million of English's flying sharks.

A flying clownfish has been added to the product line. Each retails for about $40, but we found one listed on Amazon for $30. English also is developing Air Swimmers for each of the characters in “Finding Dory,” a sequel to Disney's 2003 hit film “Finding Nemo” that is scheduled for release in 2016.

"It takes the same amount of engineering and mental effort to design a better toy as it does a better weapon,” he told Stanford Magazine, his alumni publication. “And you can't argue with the morals of bringing joy and wonder to little kids."