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VIDEO: Shuttling in style

Fiscal cliff be damned. The super-rich aren’t about to forgo the luxury lifestyle they’ve earned, even in trying economic times.

There’s already a market for high-end superyacht tenders, so an amphibious limousine is the logical progression for shuttling guests.

Enter Nouvoyage, a Boston startup that has earned copyright protection for its Limousine Tender 33, the first-of-its-kind luxury amphibious yacht.

Nouvoyage recruited Michael Peters Yacht Design as the primary designer for the vehicle.

Click play for a look at computer-generated images of the amphibious yacht.

“Peters was responsible for the hull integrity and seaworthiness but also the styling and design,” Nouvoyage CEO and founder Martin Bodley says.

On land, the diesel-electric, advanced composite vehicle can reach 85 mph, Bodley says. Head down the launch ramp and retract the wheels, and the 530-hp Yanmar diesel with Hamilton HJ 241 jets can propel 12 passengers and two crewmembers to an awaiting yacht at 28 knots.

“Nouvoyage recognized that, historically, amphibious vehicles have been plagued with reliability and performance limitations due to their complex mechanical systems, preventing this dual-purpose platform from ever achieving large-scale deployment,” Bodley says.

To that end, the Limousine Tender 33 is designed for simplicity and efficiency, incorporating tried-and-true technology from military and commercial applications.

“Our design features no new technology that is questionable or high-risk,” Bodley says. “All of our components are well known and well used in the military and commercial industries, just not in this configuration.”

Nouvoyage is targeting the superyacht market but plans to expand into the commercial transportation and search-and-rescue fields.

“We think there should be at least a couple of guys who want to be the first to have one of these in the world,” Bodley says. “They want to have the latest and greatest, and this certainly fits in that category.”

The estimated price is not being disclosed at this point, Bodley says, adding that it’s “not for the faint of heart.”

The company is in discussions with U.S. custom builders to produce the vehicle.

Nouvoyage is eyeing the early 2013 boat shows for the Limousine Tender 33’s debut.