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VIDEO: Smooth sailing

As a previously uneventful Northeast winter suddenly made its presence felt and the Blizzard of 2015 buried New England in snow, the Soundings crew in Essex, Conn., is embracing the season (or at least trying to).

With rivers and lakes frozen, the only way to cruise on the water at this time of year is through the venerable sport of ice boating.

We found this video from a Canadian named John Sailor, who built a hybrid iceboat. He uses the homemade wooden dory to tool around the marshes of Baie Verte, New Brunswick, all summer, then adds two sponson blades each winter to extend his season.

Sailor says he can reach 25 mph — “fast enough for me” — in his little red boat, Lorelei.

Sailor loves his new GoPro camera and used it last summer to documentLorelei exploring marshes with electric outboard power.

Continuing to embrace new technology, he decided to secure his GoPro to a homemade kite to provide an aerial view of his hometown from 600 feet.