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VIDEO: Soggy pratfall

In the end it appears to be a viral video by design, but it sure is funny.

We found this video of Dutch “reporter” Martje Oesterholt apparently conducting an interview on the deck of a tall ship with the mayor of Kampen, a Dutch city that is hosting the April 18-21 tall ship event Sail Kampen, which includes an Easter music festival.

After accidentally trying to lean on a slack rope, Oesterholt, bundled in an overcoat, loses her balance and tumbles into the water through a conveniently open side door. To no one’s surprise, the video went viral, especially across Europe, but skeptics began to raise questions about its legitimacy.

It turns out that the reporter is a marketing consultant working for Sail Kampen. Oesterholt eventually admitted on her Twitter page, “It’s a promo for Sail Kampen. So it’s a little fake …”

Regardless, she scored a marketing coup. A little fake, maybe, but quite a bit funny.