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VIDEO: Steady as she goes

Guirec Soudée, a 24-year-old Breton, has an unquenchable thirst for adventure, so he set sail aboard his 39-foot boat from the Canary Islands in May 2014. For a first mate he selected an 18-month-old native of the Canary Islands, a red hen named Monique. She never gets seasick and loves flying fish.

After a trans-Atlantic voyage, Soudée and Monique spent a year in St. Barths earning money to prepare the boat for a voyage into the Arctic.

They reached Greenland in August 2015. After touring the west coast of this fascinating country for three months, Guirec and Monique began wintering without means of communication in Disko Bay, hundreds of miles from civilization.

When the ice melts, Soudée plans to traverse the Northwest Passage to the Pacific.

Virginie Nolen-Laissy, who met Soudée in St. Barths when she lived on a sailboat, was very interested in his adventure. It recalled her many childhood memories of sailing with her family.

When Soudée asked her to help him prepare for his expedition to Greenland, she enthusiastically accepted. Today she manages the team’s onshore operations (sponsoring, logistics, public relations) while she writes children's books about Soudée’s and Monique's adventures.

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