VIDEO: Stealing a meal


Hawaiian kayak angler Isaac Brumaghim mounts a video camera to the bow of his 16-footer to record some of his prize-winning catches.

Last week, the 37-year-old became the subject of his own viral video when his camera caught his too-close-for-comfort encounter with a 10-foot shark.

Brumaghim had hooked a tuna about two miles off Oahu and was reeling it in when the shark, estimated at 400 to 500 pounds, leaped out of the water just a few feet away and made a meal of Brumaghim’s catch.

Click play for two news reports showing the shocking footage.

“You get the chills when it happens, but it never scares me from going,” he says.

In fact, he landed two more fish before heading in.

He thought it was a Galapagos shark, but a marine biologist who saw the video identified it as a tiger shark.

Brumaghim is the founder of Aquahunters, a kayak fishing club based in Oahu.